About Us

As a group of London workers and final year medical students, the last few weeks have been truly unprecedented. In order to do our bit to help our NHS staff on the frontline we’ve come up with the initiative Feed The Workers (FTW).

We’re sure many of you have seen the heart-breaking video of the nurse crying because she couldn’t buy food after a long shift. We don’t think this should ever happen; in fact, we don’t think any of those working to save us should have worry about what to eat at all.

NHS workers are risking their lives amidst COVID-19 to restore our lives back to normal. We want to work with the public, whether they be individuals or companies, to help. We are partnering with local restaurants and delivery drivers in the community to deliver meals to NHS staff, so they don’t have to worry about food.

Through partnering with restaurants & deliver services we hope to provide them continued business whilst also helping feed our front line NHS staff. Help the restaurants, Help the NHS and help our country get through this together.

Our Causes

We’re branching out and supplying as many hospitals as possible with fresh food. Hospitals which are facing the most strain under the COVID-19 crisis are prioritised.

Donating to Feed The Workers helps the front-line NHS staff who are saving lives every day. On average, we aim for a cost per meal of £5.00. Based on our previous deliveries we have found that £200 can feed an entire hospital mess. Our target is 5000 meals, spread amongst the COVID-19 hotspot hospitals.

So far we have donated meals to Northwick Park Hospital, Ealing Hospital, Watford General Hospital, Hillingdon Hospital, Queen's Hospital, West Middlesex University Hospital and St. Georges Hospital.

Helping Process

Through any of the below steps, you can support our cause of feeding front-line NHS staff.

Get In Touch

If you are, or have, a useful contact in the NHS, in catering or in delivery, please let us know how you can help. If you are involved in the media, publicity, or can support us in any other way, please also get in touch to help Feed The Workers #FTW!